The fast and the creative

Photographers rely on our retouching expertise more and more. Paul Bakker, renowned for his artistic fashion campaigns, is one of them. ‘Technically, the conversion of the concept into the final images has to be perfect.’

Photoshoot for Mart Visser

Fashion photographer Paul Bakker is known for his technical use of light and atmosphere. His women’s work is strong, thrilling and sophisticated; the men he photographs are rough and fierce, in a precize way. On his client list are top brands such as JFK, Mart Visser, Profuomo and Josh V.

At a multi-day fashion shoot in Milan, Paul did not have enough time for editing the raw material. ‘Fashion is not only creative, but fast too. So the pictures we took there had to be edited immediately. But I was busy photographing… Someone in my network suggested to outsource the editing to Edge. They showed their know-how, by taking up the request very promptly and retouching the images professionally, in line with the actual concept I had in mind. It is crucial that technically everything is correct. The Edge team succeeded in expressing the concept perfectly – a job well done.’

This was back in 2017, after which our partnership really took off. Paul is now one of the regular photographers we work with at Impact Studios – our in-house fully equipped, 450 m2 professional and corona-proof studio for photo and video shoots.