Besides artwork adaptations, we understand global publishing requirements with related color profiles. We are able to create artwork files for large (national and global) advertising campaigns according your creative guidelines within the publishers technical specifications. Using our online media workflow management system, gives authorized stakeholders the possibility to monitor the production progress and receive status update information, 24/7.
Preserving a brand's identity across all communication segments is essential. Based on our client's creative guidelines, we create all types of print and digital related adaptations that respect the integrity of the brand. Our artwork studios adapt guidelines to create items for a large variety of purposes, including brand communication, retail, internal communication, in-store and visual merchandising.
In cooperation with our sister company Linx IT Solutions, we developed a digital look book (called: 'swipe book'). Its interactive design enables an easy transformation from a traditional layout and is fully responsive to mobile devices. Text can be easily downloaded as well as (high resolution) images and videos. Since it includes also links to external web-sites/shops, it is THE interactive way to present new products/services. A swipe book is hosted standard for a year via an unique URL
Aligning design results across both print and on-screen media requires color conversion knowledge. Color management has almost become a lost art, but not at Edge Company! Since 2009 Edge is ISO 12647 certified on color management processes. We constantly align to the international color management standards and are able to generate production specific color-profiles if required.
Edge has insourced several artwork studios. Main advantages are the very short communication lead-times. Upscaling in capacity is very easy because of the online connection with the Edge Company HQ. Another advantage of this direct connection is the security that output files are matching the print- and screen requirements according to the correct publication/color profiles.