Killer content

Consistency in atmosphere, composition and colour is key for McGregor’s web shop images, making the photography for their e-commerce platform nearly a work of art.

To stand out in the fashion crowd, especially mono-brand web shops have to offer killer content. This implies that everything has to be right: from the overall look and feel down to the smallest detail when zooming in on an item. The brand’s DNA – for example McGregor’s, but this goes for every brand – has to be the base of all photography: inspiration photos, product photography on a model or stand-alone. All levels must be interconnected. If different jackets are photographed in lay-down position, they should be shot in exactly the same way. To an outsider, this may look simple, but these are true works of photographic art. Colour integrity is one crucial aspect as well. The more the colour as shown on the consumer’s screen corresponds to the actual product, the fewer returns, helping to improve both customer satisfaction and financial results.

Professional fashion photography happens to be one of the distinctive features we offer at Edge’s sister company Impact Studios. Together we have the knowhow to quickly react and deliver. We know how important quality and efficiency are in the fashion industry. If you have to explain things to your photography partner in the heat of the moment, you’re already lagging behind. A no-go in the chaotic moments before the launch of a collection! Especially on those stressful moments it is good to have an experienced team geared up that knows on which aspects to focus.