Our well experienced retouch artists are specialists in managing creative expectations. Using the latest technology, combined with their experience in photography and image development, they are able to meet all creative image requirements. Close collaboration with photographers, producers and creatives, ensures that briefings are transformed into a perfect end result.

E-commerce photography productions, contain mostly high image quantities. This requires specific retouching approach. To ensure the look and feel of all images are aligned, it is essential to have consistency across lighting set-up, developing RAW files, image cropping's, and retouching. Consistency and image-quality helps to reduce significant amounts of product-returns from web shops. The knowledge and experience of our dedicated team ensures this consistency is achieved.
Aligning design results across both print and digital media requires color conversion knowledge. Color management has almost become a lost art, but not at Edge Company! Since 2009 Edge is ISO 12647 certified on color management processes. We constantly align to the international standards and are able to generate print specific color-profiles if required.

To speed up a retouching production, Edge offers the possibility to set-up a retouching team on location (either at a Photo-studio or at our client's office). Short communication lines between client/creatives and the photographer saves tremendous amount of production-time increasing overall efficiency.