Under Armour’s Iso-Chill line feels cool to the touch and is developed to eliminate heat, so you can work-out longer. Who else to promote this new line than Anthony Joshua? But with Covid measures still in place, it would be too much of a risk to do a live photoshoot with him.

Grist to the mill of Impact Studios and Edge Company. We kept our cool and developed a pragmatic yet professional solution. By using a stand-in model, with equal physique, and photographing him in the exact same light conditions and pose. Followed by detailed retouching and matching the images into the previous campaign.

Can you tell old from new?

We are proud that we have again been able to show Under Armour our ice-cold expertise in fashion imaging. ‘The unique synergy of Impact Studios and Edge Company under one roof convincingly demonstrated their added value in the field of photography, retouch and artwork creation,’ says Tim Duffels, Senior Manager Creative at Under Armour.

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