Preserving a brand's identity across all communication segments is essential. Based on creative guidelines, we create all types of digital adaptations that respect the integrity of their brand. Our artwork studios create items for a variety of purposes, including brand communication, retail, internal communication, and visual merchandising. We adapt guidelines to create a wide range of materials, including online campaign elements, social media banners, emailers, digital books, narrow casting and electronic publications.

Our sister company, Linx IT-Solutions, offers a complete portfolio of customized software and cloud-based services for marketing and e-commerce purposes. Linx develops web portals, apps, and cloud-based solutions to automate the design of marketing and communication materials.
The media portal is a cloud based portal solution for Marketing & Communications and E-Commerce. Customized modules and custom-made applications can be controlled from one central repository and is 24/7 accessible
The Digital Asset management Solution is an online 24/7 global accessible Asset Repository and File Collaboration system. It enables to share your valuable digital assets with authorized users. The easy-to-use interface and flexible implementation solutions offers you a specific solution to serve your requirements. It includes a unique cropping tool to create images in a specific size, as your art director defined them! An additional unique feature Including image and video conversion.
Online template driven creation of Artwork. For Advertisements, In-Store communications, both print and online, and Outdoor materials: with AdFlow the creation process can be decentralized, to produce for your local markets at the moment they require. The flexible template driven Designers allow even staff with no design background at all, to match your brand guidelines!
(Online asset sharing, distribution and collaboration). AssetLab gives design- and research & development teams or buyers online tools to share ideas and get inspired. Via the online AssetBoard all types of artwork: images, videos and presentations can be uploaded easily and shared between team members. Authorized users can comment on assets uploaded by other team members. These comments can be moderated before they become visible.

To control large retouche volumes, Edge relys on Phomas. Phomas is the ultimate web based workflow management solution to manage large quantaty (e-commerce) photography volumes. It includes automated developing of RAW files (based on pre defined and approved settings) and an online retouching workflow. As added value Phomas has automatic crop and exporting feature, matching the required needs for your and your affiliate websites.

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