selected Edge Company as their new partner for retouching, artwork creation and photography (via sister company: Impact Studios)

Tom Meijer, CCO Edge Company: “We are proud to start working for this iconic Dutch brand and being part of their growth in content creation. Due to the combination of our group skills, our services will be of real added value to them.”

Over twenty years ago, Tommy Hilfiger set foot in Europe. As marketing budgets were rising, the first contacts with Edge Company were made. Both client and supplier could then not have thought that this partnership would outlast so many fashion collections. ‘We always strived to do things better together,’ says Wouter van der Pol, VP Global Brand Marketing within the Amsterdam based global head office.

Once started as a blog by three childhood friends, Daily Paper has developed into a uniquely signatured fashion and lifestyle brand, motivated to reach out to the world. 

Daily Paper offers powerful lifestyle and fashion items, based on a deep love for music, art, fashion and African culture. The bold collections for men and women are renewed twice a year.

Edge was asked to help Daily Paper in realizing high quality images for their e-commerce activities. 

We advised them on their photography and helped with adjusting light directions, developing and retouching their images. 

This resulted in strong images with the typical Daily Paper signature as well as the correct product colors which match the actual products.

‘It is a great pleasure working with the Edge team,’ says Diep-Anh Ho, Senior Creative Content Producer at Daily Paper. ‘Their experience in fashion content and their professional know-how on imaging in general helped us to create the quality images we are looking for. This is an important prerequisite for our international growth. We want to showcase Daily Paper in a way that does right by the strong roots of our brand.’

Under Armour’s Iso-Chill line feels cool to the touch and is developed to eliminate heat, so you can work-out longer. Who else to promote this new line than Anthony Joshua? But with Covid measures still in place, it would be too much of a risk to do a live photoshoot with him.

Grist to the mill of Impact Studios and Edge Company. We kept our cool and developed a pragmatic yet professional solution. By using a stand-in model, with equal physique, and photographing him in the exact same light conditions and pose. Followed by detailed retouching and matching the images into the previous campaign.

Can you tell old from new?

We are proud that we have again been able to show Under Armour our ice-cold expertise in fashion imaging. ‘The unique synergy of Impact Studios and Edge Company under one roof convincingly demonstrated their added value in the field of photography, retouch and artwork creation,’ says Tim Duffels, Senior Manager Creative at Under Armour.

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With the official opening of our 425 m2 studio in 2020, we have completed our creation of a full service, one stop content services company. Edge Company is one of the proud sisters under the roof of Pampus Media House. We closely work with Impact StudiosRetail Production Services and Linx-IT.  

Together, these four companies of Pampus Media House, each of which supports and optimizes aspects of image communication processes, form a strong pact.  

We are a professional market player that combines enthusiasm and commitment with expertise and scale. We share knowledge and initiate innovation. An example of one of the results is Phomas our photography management solution and unique in the market, and Retailware (the ultimate store toolkit solution for retailers) 

Whatever our clients’ requirements may be, it’s ultimately about creating distinctive visual content. Content that not only perfectly depicts the brand’s distinctive DNA, but also impacts consumers, our clients’ customers.  

At the heart of our philosophy is our firm belief in our flexible and efficient working methods, in images that stand out, and in working closely with our clients to create the best results. 

Welcome at PampusMediaHouse: the place where we have built up a long list of clients with beautiful brands and, most of all, special partnerships.  

Consistency in atmosphere, composition and colour is key for McGregor’s web shop images, making the photography for their e-commerce platform nearly a work of art.

To stand out in the fashion crowd, especially mono-brand web shops have to offer killer content. This implies that everything has to be right: from the overall look and feel down to the smallest detail when zooming in on an item. The brand’s DNA – for example McGregor’s, but this goes for every brand – has to be the base of all photography: inspiration photos, product photography on a model or stand-alone. All levels must be interconnected. If different jackets are photographed in lay-down position, they should be shot in exactly the same way. To an outsider, this may look simple, but these are true works of photographic art. Colour integrity is one crucial aspect as well. The more the colour as shown on the consumer’s screen corresponds to the actual product, the fewer returns, helping to improve both customer satisfaction and financial results.

Professional fashion photography happens to be one of the distinctive features we offer at Edge’s sister company Impact Studios. Together we have the knowhow to quickly react and deliver. We know how important quality and efficiency are in the fashion industry. If you have to explain things to your photography partner in the heat of the moment, you’re already lagging behind. A no-go in the chaotic moments before the launch of a collection! Especially on those stressful moments it is good to have an experienced team geared up that knows on which aspects to focus.

Photographers rely on our retouching expertise more and more. Paul Bakker, renowned for his artistic fashion campaigns, is one of them. ‘Technically, the conversion of the concept into the final images has to be perfect.’

Photoshoot for Mart Visser

Fashion photographer Paul Bakker is known for his technical use of light and atmosphere. His women’s work is strong, thrilling and sophisticated; the men he photographs are rough and fierce, in a precize way. On his client list are top brands such as JFK, Mart Visser, Profuomo and Josh V.

At a multi-day fashion shoot in Milan, Paul did not have enough time for editing the raw material. ‘Fashion is not only creative, but fast too. So the pictures we took there had to be edited immediately. But I was busy photographing… Someone in my network suggested to outsource the editing to Edge. They showed their know-how, by taking up the request very promptly and retouching the images professionally, in line with the actual concept I had in mind. It is crucial that technically everything is correct. The Edge team succeeded in expressing the concept perfectly – a job well done.’

This was back in 2017, after which our partnership really took off. Paul is now one of the regular photographers we work with at Impact Studios – our in-house fully equipped, 450 m2 professional and corona-proof studio for photo and video shoots.  

For our client Hunkemöller we managed a 200% coronaproof ‘shoot’ to present their new lingerie collection.

How do you show the world your new collection in a professionally modelled campaign, without taking any personal risks with the current Covid-19 threats?

For lingerie and home-wear retailer Hunkemöller, Edge Company and our in-house partner Impact Studios came up with a smart solution, based on the fully corona-proof recycling of existing model images.

What we did was a both creatively and technically challenging feat. We used previously published images as basis, retouching the old lingerie away. Next step was to photograph the new lingerie collection. In exactly the same position, with similar lighting conditions – but this time using a mannequin. The final operation was to retouch these new images in the existing images.

The result: commercially strong new campaign material and a satisfied customer. Apart from the new collection one cannot distinguish the new images from the original.

It felt good that we gave them peace of mind by not having to expose their models to extra medical risks. And it was yet again proof that we can do practically anything in house, with our unique combination of professional photography, colour management and retouch.

Vlisco: “We have outsourced retouching to Edge Company. They guarantee a 100 percent consistency, contributing to the quality of our unique brand.”

Vlisco designs and manufactures fabrics for the African market, using a process that is unique in the world. The result: an explosion of colour, and no two pieces of fabric are the same.

Vlisco’s former Brand Manager Sanne Huijsmans: “Retouching is a creative technical process, that comprises a certain level of interpretation. Thanks to our long partnership with Edge Company, they know exactly what we want and what is important for our brand.  Besides their retouch quality, we can rely on their in-house expertise to reproduce our unique colours as they are, no matter for which media. It saves us a lot of time, effort and stress.”

Vlisco is one of our, if not the most prominent living-proof customer cases, which underlines the importance of working with a partner who gets your point straight away and knows about reproducing colourful products that stand out to build a unique brand.

Or, as Huijsmans herself puts it: “Looking at our designs, I think Vlisco is definitely the most challenging customer in terms of colour management. If you can handle that the way Edge does, there will be no mountain too high.”