Tom Meijer (Edge), Salomey Gyamfi (Vlisco) en Elie Kuame

Edge; Vlisco's imaging partner


Ensuring that the authenticity of the vibrant colours is translated with integrity is a crucial element of the marketing process. This is where Edge’s core expertise lays: Imaging.

Edge has been Vlisco’s imaging partner for years, overseeing the image retouching of Vlisco’s marketing campaigns. Edge is also involved in the assessment of selected printers throughout the African continent and the colour profiling and tuning of the production process, in order to achieve ideal printing results.

For many years, Vlisco’s colourful fabrics have become the pinnacle of luxury, particularly in West-African countries. Vlisco’s recent 170th anniversary was greatly celebrated, during which famous fashion designers (Lanre da Silva, Stylista, Loza Maléombho en Elie Kuame) displayed designs using Vlisco fabrics during a spectacular catwalk show.

All invitees also received a design challenge: Everyone received a unique patch of Vlisco fabric and was asked to incorporate this into their party outfit. Edge had an ace up their sleeve, so gladly took on the challenge!

Vlisco doesn’t only represent aesthetically pleasing fabrics, but also the pleasure and confidence that sparkling clothing brings. 

Edge is proud to contribute to the colour diversification of Vlisco!