Never underestimate the importance of an attractive and realistic product image –which is crucial when used in communications to clients and customers. In online sales, an unrealistic or unattractive product image could even lead to false expectations and actually cost money, e.g. because of costly product returns.
At Edge it is all about imaging. Whether it's retouching, profiling, or creating all sorts of artwork adaptations: our focus is always on the image. It should come as no surprise that we have added product photography to our services. We specialize in photography of retail and fashion products. Combined with our specialisms in retouching and color management, Edge Company is able to create quick, cost efficient, and high quality productions.
Staples Europe was one of our first clients to find their way to our photo studio. As told by Carlos Quintana, Campaign Development Manager of Staples Europe:

“I feel at home working with the team at Edge; whether we need to shoot still lifes for a magazine or simple pack shots, they always give us support and flexibility to make things happen – without breaking the bank”.


Product photography: another added value on our services!