A safe model sho(o)t

For our client Hunkemöller we managed a 200% coronaproof ‘shoot’ to present their new lingerie collection.

How do you show the world your new collection in a professionally modelled campaign, without taking any personal risks with the current Covid-19 threats?

For lingerie and home-wear retailer Hunkemöller, Edge Company and our in-house partner Impact Studios came up with a smart solution, based on the fully corona-proof recycling of existing model images.

What we did was a both creatively and technically challenging feat. We used previously published images as basis, retouching the old lingerie away. Next step was to photograph the new lingerie collection. In exactly the same position, with similar lighting conditions – but this time using a mannequin. The final operation was to retouch these new images in the existing images.

The result: commercially strong new campaign material and a satisfied customer. Apart from the new collection one cannot distinguish the new images from the original.

It felt good that we gave them peace of mind by not having to expose their models to extra medical risks. And it was yet again proof that we can do practically anything in house, with our unique combination of professional photography, colour management and retouch.