Artwork Design

Edge always ensures a brand message is understood and transformed into a strategic communication plan. We work closely with specialists who have proven records, work according to set requirements, and meet out client's expectations.

Artwork Adaptions

Preserving a brand's identity across all forms of communication is essential. Based on our client's creative guidelines, we can create all types of print and digital adaptations that respect the integrity of their brand. Our artwork studios create items for a variety of purposes, including brand communication, retail, internal communication, and visual merchandising.

Combining artwork adaptation and pre-production skills, makes packaging production one of our specialties at Edge. With our vast experience and specific skill set, we manage packaging projects in the most efficient and precise way – ensuring that the master design is honored, any technical information is correct, and the appropriate print methods are used. In addition, the pre-production process is completed by an automated system, and a web-based project management solution can be utilized for optimal transparency of any packaging project.

Aligning an original design across both print and on-screen media, requires colour conversion knowledge. Since 2008 Edge is ISO 12647 certified for colour management and workflow processes. We constantly align to the international colour management standards and are able to generate specific color profiles if required.

As additional service, we fulfill graphic and print productions, as well as window and visual merchandising productions. A dedicated team of production managers can provide maximum service and advice to achieve the best possible solutions.
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