Our retouch artists are specialists in managing creative expectations. Using the latest technology, combined with our experience in photography and image development, we are able to meet all your image requirements. We collaborate closely with producers and creatives to ensure their ideas are transformed into a perfect end result.
Photography for online stores with high image quantities requires a different creative approach. To ensure all images are aligned, it is essential to have consistency across lighting set-up, developing RAW files, cropping, and retouching. Our knowledge and experience will ensure that the highest quality is achieved, while also working efficiently and reducing time to market.
Edge is connected to Phomas. Phomas gives the ultimate solution to manage e-commerce photography. High quantities of photography requests can be managed from one web-based solution, including automated development of RAW files, an online retouching workflow, and a module to directly export images to your online store.
To complete our communication mix, we have added video production to our portfolio. We have partnered with MVTTV productions, an international content production company who are dedicated to producing high-quality video content across both traditional and digital platforms.
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